Notable Kindred

The Prince and Her Court


Jocelyn Marsh – Nosferatu Prince of LA

Matthais Donaldson – Daeva Herald

Aaron Weldon – Gangrel Sheriff

David McCarthy – Mekhet Carthian Prefect, Primogen

Jason Young – Ventrue Master of Elysium

Michael Dawson – Daeva Harpy

Circle of the Crone

Lilya Nordstran – Gangrel Hierophant, Primogen

Antonio Castillo – Nosferatu Master of Elysium


Vanessa Pryce – Ventrue Seneschal

Jacob Martin – Ventrue Primogen, Priscus and member of the Inner Circle

Lancea Sanctum

Marcus Puente – Daeva Archbishop of Los Angeles, Primogen

Ordo Dracul

Lucian Foster-Webb – Mekhet Sworn of the Axe, Hound

Margarette Rhoades – Daeva Sworn of the Mysteries, Primogen

Mariko Saito – Ventrue Mistress of Elysium


Christopher Varell – Mekhet Voice of the Unbound, Primogen

Other Carthians

“Lady” Oscar François de Jarjayes – Self proclaimed (and earned) “Sword of the Movement”

Other Circle of the Crone

Annette d’Aubisson – Daeva First Fury

Other Invictus

Lady Gabriella Bianchi – Mekhet Priscus and member of the Inner Circle

Madame Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson – Daeva Priscus and member of the Inner Circle

Lord Martin Wilson – Gangrel Priscus and member of the Inner Circle

Lord Heinrich Muller – Nosferatu Priscus and member of the Inner Circle

Lord Nicholas Palmer – Ventrue Lord of San Pedro Harbor

Lady Camilla Belle – Daeva Neonate figurehead of The Brat Pack

Other Lancea Sanctum

Robert Erinson – Gangrel Inquisitor General

Violeta Cartwright – Ventrue Bishop of San Gabriel

Other Ordo Dracul

Other Unbound

Zhuo Huifeng – Lord of Chinatown, leader of the Red Lanterns

Jiang Xiumei – Daeva Bearer of the Red Lights

Azrael – Lady of the Forest

Robert ‘Bobby’ Newcombe – “Leader” of the Anarchs

Patricia ‘Pinky’ Burns – Owner of The Last Round

Lilian Vorhees – Unbound Regent of Santa Monica, the domain with the highest confirmed amount of Unbound in Los Angeles

‘Scarlett’ – Enigmatic self-styled “information broker”

Notable Kindred

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