Oscar François de Jarjayes

Clan: Daeva
Embrace 1789
Covenant Carthian

“Madame Marie Antoinette actually said ’let them eat our cake’. Because of this misquote, the common Frenchman was incensed enough to begin a Revolution… Never let it be said that a misunderstanding of words is not important"

Los Angeles has a way of making the usual unusual, and the Los Angeles Carthian Movement is no exception. For a Covenant that is usually anti-Elder, one of its most respected members, Oscar François de Jarjayes, just happens to be one of the oldest Kindred in the domain.

The self proclaimed “Sword of the Movement”, Oscar has taken it as her personal mission during her Requiem to defend the Carthian Movement against any and all threats, both internal and external.

Born the last of five daughters to the penultimate Captain of the French Royal Guards, General François Augustin Regnier de Jarjayes, she was raised by her father as if she were a boy in order to take his place and command the Royal Guards serving at Court after he retired. At the age of fourteen, as soon as her training in the basic military skills was complete, Oscar was given the task to protect the Dauphine Marie Antoinette when she arrived at the French Court.

Soon gaining the Dauphine and Queen-to-be’s affection and trust, Oscar experienced life at Versailles and the pain caused by the contradictions of her being a woman whom everybody, including herself, considered a man. Later in life, Oscar learned of the political ideals of the Revolution and that the royalist regime is corrupt from her commoner lover, André Grandier. As the French Revolution was about to begin, Oscar refused to sedate tumults occurring in Paris. She renounced her status and her regiment joined forces with the people marching to the Bastille. Shot by soldiers inside the fortress, she began to die right before the prison fell. André, himself Embraced mere nights before by a Revolution-sympathising Kindred, offered her the Embrace so they could stay together. She accepted and was brought into the Danse Macabre.

Oscar, now a vampire, quickly saw the echoes of mortal life in her new unlife. The Invictus, the Kindred aristocracy, were being purged by the commoner Unbound Kindred that she was a member of by association. Once this was done an Unbound Ventrue replaced the Invictus Prince of Versailles. In a sinister echo, this Prince enacted his own “Terror”, sending to Final Death and enacting Blood Hunts on self-proclaimed “Enemies of the Revolution”, including André. Oscar, already incensed at the injustices, broke on the night of her lover’s execution and sent the Prince to his Final Death before exiling herself from Versailles forever. Despite the Court catching her as she left, feeling endebted to her they let her leave.

Oscar spent much of the nights following her departure wandering as a nomad, visiting many Domains. The more she wandered, the more she realised one prevailing truth, those at the top of the system were pretty much given carte blanche to abuse and use those under them. She refused to believe that this should be the way; the last burning echo of her mortal life was her adherence to the belief that common people can, and should, rule themselves.

When the Carthian Movement began to become more than just a few disconcerted voices in disconnected domains, Oscar was one of the first to join. Her privileged upbringing as a mortal often rubbed some of the more firebrand members the wrong way, but her singular dedication to the cause quickly quietened them down. Her fame became enough that it started to proceed her as she travelled from Domain to Domain; other Carthian nomads had began to act as her herald.

Whether it is a matter of coincidence, or due to her own abilities and influence, Oscar has been in every major Carthian domain during its gaining of Praxis. Most notably, she was in Kyoto during the “Five Blossoms Revolution” of 1785, St Petersburg (then Petrograd) during the Kine-inspired Kindred Revolution of 1904, and most importantly to her modern nights, she was in LA during the ’Coup.

She proved instrumental in the Coup’s success. A combination of her training from her mortal days and observing many Kindred revolutions throughout her Requiem combined and she proved to be a tactical genius. It is widely acknowledged that without her leading and coordinating the general street battles, the Old Guard would never have had the chance to strike at the heart of the Invictus.

Showing her true neutrality in the movement, Oscar is the only other Carthian apart from the Myrmidon who abstains from any vote undertaken by the Movement as a whole. Her neutrality and dedication was confirmed after the coup; she was offered her pick of the offices of Court, even the Praxis itself, but she refused them all.

Of all the other Kindred within the domain, she has a greatest respect of [[Annette d’Aubisson]]. She recognises a lot of her own attributes within the Acolyte, and the feeling is mutual. Were it not for being important members of their own unallied Covenants, they would be a lot closer.

Oscar is recognised for her strengths as a warrior and as a symbol of the Movement as a whole. If she has any weakness, it is the fact that she still retains too much of her Humanity. Her few critics in the Movement believe that she does not have enough of a connection to her Beast to be representative of them, though none of them would ever say such things in her presence. Her many enemies outside the Covenant are also aware of her high morality, and many are plotting her downfall by exploiting this.

Oscar François de Jarjayes

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