Formerly a church, this has become Camilla Belle’s pet project of the last few months. The name is a direct reference to the seven deadly sins. Camilla has had the church warped into a more “neogothic” version of itself on the ground floor.

Belfry – Surveillance hub for the entire club, direct access from sewer level through belfry tower (escape route and discrete Nosferatu entrance).

Upper Level – Private club & bar. Kindred with the approval of Camilla, most high-powered Kine of the city and any acceptable guests are mostly found here. Audio bugs and CCTV are used

Ground Level – General club and bars, stairs to upper level

Lower level (ex-crypt) – Private rooms select associates of Camilla can use (all conveniently and stealthily bugged and with discrete CCTV). Camilla’s private office and an emergency secure haven, an armory of sorts for any “big trouble”.


In keeping with the name of the club, each night is named after a particular sin

Monday: Greed
This night is aimed at the businessmen and women of Los Angeles, hence the choice of name. Camilla provides “go-go dancers” of both sexes as well as allowing drug dealers to provide “high class drugs” as long as it’s discretely done. The club not surprisingly draws a lot of Heads.

Tuesday – Wrath
Originally allowed for Raves, but after the fifth time it ended in an all out brawl, Camilla had to call a stop to it. The only night she now doesn’t have a theme or idea for.

Wednesday – Sloth
A cheaper than usual night to keep the “hardcore clubbers” interested. Seen as the precursor to Pride on Saturday. It’s here that newer bands and DJ’s would play as a test. Chosen to be Sloth as it’s a lazier version of Saturday.

Thursday – Envy
“Open Mic Night”, only night the upper level club is fully open to the public, used to keep an eye on the local scenes for any exceptional performers. Chosen to be “Envy” due to Camilla’s growing envy for their innovations and her losing the capability to make similar innovations.

Friday – Lust
This night is reserved for her covenant; only affiliated Invictus, Clan Members and their guests are allowed in the upstairs club and the private rooms. Any “Affairs of the Covenant” she hosts are held on this day. Named Lust due to the higher presence of The Beautiful Dead ie Daeva.

Saturday – Pride
Elise’s flagship night. This night’s style changes the most often. At the moment she is going for a very Industrial feel. Has the name Pride due to this being Elise’s proudest night.

Sunday – Gluttony
Unofficially, this night is more for all the Kindred of the city, and the only night Elise tries to ensure that Elysium-style rules are adhered to try and persuade elders to both frequent the club and to show her ability as a potential Elysium keeper. Elise enforces a “no feeding, no Disciplines” rule and failure to do this results in ejection. Understandably, this is the only day she’ll be on hand unless something more pressing is at hand. Named Gluttony more as a warning to her rules.


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