"Stray" Kat Hamilton

Clan: Daeva Embraced: 2001 Covenant:Unbound

The first time meeting Stray, it is very easy to mistake her for a Gangrel. A savage kind of fury hangs around her and she lacks many of the subtleties that seem to be part and parcel of most Succubi. She instead seems surrounded by a wrathful aura that never seems to dissipate; a result of her violent Embrace.

Even her mortal conception was marred in violence and anger. She was the product of a rape between her mother, a socialite, and a friend of her mother’s husband. This led to her mother’s absolute hatred, and almost complete abandonment, of her throughout her entire life.
While her mother hated her, her “father” ignored her, when he wasn’t disapproving of her actions. As this was the only attention she ever received from her parents, this only encouraged her to become worse.

This translated into her behaviour at school. She coasted through her education, mostly either bombed or stoned. It was only her exceptional intelligence, which had never truly been nurtured, which allowed her to graduate and go to college.

In college, she became worse. It came to a head when one night, she left a frat party, “celebrating” the letter she received that her financial aid was going down the toilet because of her persistently abysmal grades. She stumbledout in a haze and took a walk. It was her last walk as a living being. She doesn’t know her sire. Whoever it was, he was a hulking brute in rags of what used to be some kind of finery. He beat her, he drained her, andhe made her into what she is.

Bobby Newcombe discovered her on the streets of Skid Row`, barely aware of her Embrace beyond sating her hunger; this was a year after her Embrace. Bobby was so impressed with her ability to survive even without any formal induction into what she was, he took her in and acted as a surrogate Sire, teaching her about the Danse Macabre, albeit from his rather unusual perspective. He was even the one who gave her the nickname “Stray”, as that was how he had found her.

At last, Kat had the parental figure she had cried out for in her mortal life, and it had only taken her death to find it. In time, Stray became one of the Anarchs’ most zealous members, taking Bobby’s words and teachings as Gospel.

"Stray" Kat Hamilton

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