Patricia 'Pinky' Burns


“Don’t make me come over this bar… I guarantee it’ll be the last thing you’ll ever see!”

Clan: Gangrel Embraced: 1940 Covenant: Unbound

Bobby Newcombe’s second in command, Patricia ‘Pinky’ Burns is also the current owner and “Den Mother” of The Last Round.

Around during the Great Depression, ran with a motorcycle gang, and was Embraced by a Gangrel nomad after a Frenzy when the gang had attacked him

Sire of Carlos Saavedra, progenitor of Bruja Bloodline (though as Pinky is also a Bruja, some have suggested the possibility that she is in fact its progenitor)

Ran with the Bruja bike gang as it dominated the Pacific Coast Highway until Saavedra disappeared in 1969, then joined the Carthian Movement in LA after seeing a Rant about freedom led by Bobby Newcombe.

Bobby and Pinky recognised they had similar attitudes, and were inseperable from that point.

One of the first to follow Bobby Newcombe when he left in 1975 due to feeling the Carthian Movement was moving too slowly; she therefore is one of the founding members of the Anarchs. Even from that point she was seen as Bobby’s second in command. The loss of these two from the Movememnt led to a change of Prefect, and put into motion the events that led up to the Coup’

Instrumental in the Coup, as were most of the Anarchs. Killed one of the Invictus Inner Circle personally, wears the ash that was his fangs in a small vial as a necklace.

Pinky has spent most of the nights since the Coup running The Last Round, and dealing with all the attendant difficulties that come with running the rowdiest Kindred bar in Los Angeles. So far, in thirty one years, she has managed to avoid and/or stifle any major Masquerade breaches, a feat that even Prince Marsh recognises as impressive.

She has also taken an interest in “Stray” due to seeing a lot of herself in the neonate, despite being different Clans.

Patricia 'Pinky' Burns

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