Clan: Unknown Embrace: Unknown Covenant: Unknown (Assumed Unbound)

Very little is known about this Kindred, as she rarely deals directly with anyone; it is almost always through an intermediary. Prior attempts by those wishing to find out her identity are fruitless at best and fatal at worst.

She has set herself up as an “information broker”, trading information for favours and other things of worth. She is highly competant at her trade, and most astute Kindred know enough not to cross her. Unlike Michael Dawson, premier Harpy, who answers to the Court first and the Carthians second before anyone else, Scarlett is strictly freelance; her information is available to anyone who can provide good enough ‘tribute’ for it. She , unlike the Harpies, also has access to other Kindred information networks outside of the city. Dawson, feeling his own power being threatened, has an active bounty on Scarlett; he doesn’t want her dead, merely under his control.

The major reason she is so respected is that she was instrumental in providing the information that lead to the successful Coup, though she has shown no political leanings before or since. She is one of the few Kindred given the right by Prince Marsh to feed in any part of the city that isn’t expressly forbidden; though this is a moot point as no-one knows who she is to stop her.


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